Year of the dragon,

birthed in war and pestilence.

Hot, roaring wind blows.


Tito of Argos

Kush-bound, to trade with black kings

Never to see home

For Fafnir red-beard

Lost to sea and treachery

Vengeance comes swiftly

There, the Tree of Woe

The Cimmerian nears death

Spirits must be paid

Jewels shine in the gloom

An undying goddess speaks

Alkmeenon grows dark

Crush your enemies.

See them driven before you.

Their women lament.

Thief, sword in hand, with

gigantic melancholies

and gigantic mirth

Freed from slavery

Slavering jaws at his heels

He enters the crypt

The Riddle of Steel.

Steel is weak. Flesh is stronger.

Don’t lose your head, Doom.